About DairyTec

DairyTec OÜ is a company based on Estonian capital, founded in 2003 whose main activity consists of the sale and installation of modern technological equipment for beef and dairy farms.

The main acitivity of the private limited company include purchases/ sales/ installation of agricultural machinery and equipment (sidewall curtains and chimneys, stalls and metal stall dividers, fences and large variety of gates, waterers, feed grinding machines for hay and silage) and consulting services of the barn technology.

DairyTec OÜ cooperates with several Estonian construction and engineering companies. Company offers modern solutions for planning new barns, from the selection of location to the farm opening.

Products we sell are installed by professional installers who have training and years of experience.
First stalls and waterers were installed by us already in 1999. These initial tests were followed by major projects in bigger barns. Based on qualified people was founded DairyTec OÜ, which began operating in the market as a professional team. DairyTec OÜ didn´t confined their acitivity only this, we searched new, innovative solutions and brought in the market new approaches to create comfort to the barns animals, providing best environment from baby calves to older animals.
Since then DairyTec OÜ´s slogan is „Comfort Farm“ because animals and their comfort are our priorities.

Company has applied knowledges from Canada and USA which have longest experiences of building new freestall barns. In cooperation with foreign suppliers, company imports most of the necessary products and equipment for our services in connetion with the construction of new freestall barns. Most metal fences and equipment are produced in Estonia.

Very often our partners from USA, Canada are visiting us and our valued customers, in order to produce even better technologies and making buildings for animals more animal-friendly.